Beyond Dealmaking: Five Steps to Negotiating Profitable Relationships

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by Melanie Billings-Yun, PhD

If the recent economic collapse has taught us anything, it's that the pursuit of immediate gain with no attention to long-term consequences is a recipe for financial disaster. The gains were primarily on paper, but the losses have been painfully real. Why? Because too many people thought getting a deal was a guarantee of success. Pretty short-sighted, wasn't it? Yet that's the way most books still look at negotiation.

It's time for a new approach. Negotiation isn't just dealmaking. Everything we do that involves working with others is a negotiation. And the key to winning unbeatable, long-term results - adding up to greater success in life - is to stop the endless cycle of zero-sum transactions and start negotiating to create solid, long-term relationships.

Beyond Dealmaking is more than a "how to" negotiation book. It will show you how by building strong, positive and mutually beneficial relationships you will reap far better and more sustainable outcomes than will those who focus only on the deal. In the process, you will find that negotiation can be a truly rewarding - even pleasurable - experience.

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