Praise for Melanie's Negotiation Consulting and Training

"Melanie's insight and experience as a leading negotiation consultant across Asia has given her the unique opportunity to develop an innovative vision and simple, yet effective approach to negotiating; which will drive you and your business to higher levels of success."

— Ellen Devlin, General Manager, Nike Korea and Nike Thailand

"I was able to put the lessons Melanie taught me immediately to work on a tough negotiation I was facing. I came away, one hour later, with better terms and an improved relationship. Without Melanie's training I could not have achieved this."

— Robert Penaloza, CEO, Aberdeen Asset Management, Thailand

"Melanie was a tremendous help in assisting the acquisition of Systems Access by SunGard Data Systems. She worked seamlessly with our executives and attorneys to ensure that the sale went smoothly for all parties-and negotiated a price that was quite pleasing to the Board and our shareholders. Her honest and forthright approach also helped the two companies maintain good relations throughout the negotiation, which has benefited us considerably as we move forward together as one.

— Leslie Loh, CEO and Chairman, System Access Plc

"Melanie's approach to negotiation is very appealing. She gets people from all national backgrounds to open up and see things from a fresh point of view. At the same time she is able to show us why outsiders act or react the way they do so that we can work toward building a better relationship."

— Vichai Assarat, Chairman, Thai Financial Syndicate

"Melanie's down-to-earth, win-win approach to conflict resolution and her friendly and approachable training style has made her a favorite with both management and staff."

— Sombat Atiset, President, KataThani Group Hotels and Resorts

"I have never felt so confident going into a negotiation. Thanks!"

— Anne Arrowsmith, Director of Marketing, the Regent Singapore-a Four Seasons Hotel

"Melanie's training programs have always received the highest kudos from our members. For those of us who negotiate daily with institutions and governments around the world, the key to long-term financial success is in building strong relationships. Especially in tough economic times, it is those power of those relationships that will see your business through."

— Tami Overby, Vice President for Asia, US Chamber of Commerce